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Area Winter Intermediate Dressage Competition

Area Winter Intermediate Dressage Competition
Two teams and one individual made the journey to Crown Farm on 22 March 2015 to compete in the Winter Intermediate Dressage Competition representing the SSRC. The teams were called SSRC 1 and SSRC 2, I think we will have to do something about these names I am sure one of us can come up with more imaginative names than 1 and 2!!!
The teams consisted of Lou Burns, Heather Blythe, Hannah Moss and Martine Lee in SSRC 1 and Miles Thomas, Julie Cork, Louise Killey and Grace Thomas in SSRC 2. Karen H was individual (that’s me of course)
I am not sure who arrived first but I know when we arrived I saw Kevin and Judy Thomas waving frantically, having saved us a space. Kevin and Judy are Miles parents , Miles I might add was snoozing in the back of the discovery having not made it back home until three am that morning…… Mmm these ex pony club kids get so used to their parents running around after them its just unbelievable and one did wonder how the dressage test would go having a dreary eyed rider. However, the judges just love Miles charm so I thought we should be okay.
Louise Killey had made the journey down with us in the lorry having stolen daughter Emma’s fabulous pony Rappa, for the day. Hannah Moss and Piggles (the coolest name ever for a horse) and Lou Burns and Gambil had travelled down with Wendy (Lou’s Mum) and a support crew consisting of three dogs. Heather Blythe somehow entered the Competition via the scenic route, through the farmyard village entrance and after a certain amount of panic/confusion, within minutes to spare Heather pulled off an excellent dressage test with minimal warm-up. Julie Cork arrived with Abbie Wood as her able assistant and Julie once again gave a fabulous performance.
Miles was riding his young irish horse, Sullivan and gave a sterling performance, considering this was Sullivan’s first big competition. A combination to watch at future events I think. Louise Killey and Rappa performed a superb test in a very competitive section and Louise Burns on Gambi another excellent performance. Again Lou and Gambi are a new partnership and ones to watch for in the future. Hannah Moss and the formidable Piggles gave a fantastic performance with trot work second to none and once Hannah has perfected the canter I am sure the pair will be unbeatable. I was pleased with my test and Blue gave a sound performance with his canter work gaining the better marks. We are the opposite to Hannah and Piggles, in that our trot is the pace that needs the work and our canter being our better pace.
Martine Lee and Grace Thomas all came a little later in the day as they were competing in the novice and elementary tests. Martine and Boy again a fairly new combination and their first area competition carried out a fantastic elementary test. And finally, Grace Thomas and Limited Edition. Well what can I say! after several broken headcollars and one very bruised foot (Grace’s), later, a Charlotte/Valegro performance with Grace finishing 2nd in the elementary. The pair achieving a 10 for their halt. An excellent result which
certainly saved Limited Edition from the glue factory!
The final results were:
SSRC 1 Team placing 7
SSRC 2 Team placing 6
Hannah Moss individual placing 11
Miles Thomas individual placing 7
Heather Blythe 3
Louise Killey 10
Louise Burns 5
Julie Cork 6
Martine Lee 8
Grace Thomas 2
Karen Handy (no placing in first ten placings of the individual section)
Finally, I must add a huge “Thank You” from all of the SSRC team to Andrew for being our chef. He cooked up some delicious burgers, salad and the most fab tasty button mushrooms served in a creamy sauce (definitely a Masterchef moment!) together with coffee, tea, juice. He has agreed to continue his Masterchef role at future area events on the condition that he can watch the tv whilst performing his culinary skills….. Hmm… I’m not sure what Michel Roux Jr would think.
Also, a big pat on the back to us all for taking part. The day was great fun and worth the journey, which really isn't too far at all. I am sure all the team would agree that we have a fabulous time, lots of team spirit and fun. Here’s looking forward to the next area event which is the Area Challenge on the 19th April 2015.
Kind regards to everyone