Great day out at Mercian Dressage @ Sinton Green!

Great day out at Mercian Dressage @ Sinton Green!

We had a great day out at the Mercian dressage at Sinton Green. The rain stayed away and the sun came out and it was smiles all round!!
We sent four teams and everybody did so well! Here are the individual and team results.
Individuals- prelim 7
Lucy Millward 67% 4th
Sarah Williams 67.75% 3rd
Abby wood 60%
Wendy Woodward 61.75%
Julie cork 58.25%
Lou burns 69% 2nd
Prelim 12-
Terri Preece 66.2%
Penny Hayward 65.4% 9th
Lou burns/ monty66%
Heather Blythe 58.6%
Karen Handy 65.2%

Novice 28
Jess birch 56.04%
Abby w&t 61.09% 9th
Georgia P7 66.5% 5th
Lou/pigs P12 74.6% 1st
Terry N28 58.75%
Team= 8th

Lucy W&T 65.87% 5th
Heather P7 59%
Wendy P12 63.2%
Lou/ Monty N28 70% 3rd
Team= 3rd

Louise Killey W&T 56.52%
Karen P7 70.25% 1st
Julie P12 68.6% 4th
Penny N28 62.5%
Team = 9th

Holly W&T 58.91%
Jess P7 65.75% 8th
Kim P12 58.28%
Sarah N28 60.21%

Thanks everyone for making it such a fun day and very well done to you all.

Lou Burns
SSRC Mercian Rep