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SSRC Dressage Feb Competition Report

SSRC Dressage Feb Competition Report
The first dressage competition held at Kyre on the 8th February was great success despite the recent cold spell making preparations difficult for some competitors. There were a total of 36 entries with competitors fairly equally divided between classes.
Both Intro classes were well supported but it was Louise Burns and Ash who triumphed in class 1 with a respectable score of 64.78%. Hannah Moss and Piggles were the winners of class 2 and 3 with 65.43% in the Intro B and 64.4% in the Prelim 12 qualifying them for the Prelim championships in September.
Class 4, the Prelim 13, proved to be highly competitive with two riders scoring over 70% but in the end Liz Worrell and Mizteek proved to be unbeatable with 76.3% and Louise Killey and Ruby a close second with an impressive 73.5% to qualify for the Prelim championships.
The Novice 25 was another competitive class with only 1.7% separating the top four riders. Heather Bayliss and Amber of Westbank were the winners with 70.2% qualifying for both the NPS and SSRC championships.
There were 3 riders who participated in the final ‘Pick & Mix’ class and the results were once again very close. Liz Worrell and Mizteek were the winners with 67.9% in the Novice 24 qualifying for the Novice Championships, followed by Martine and Lee Boy with 67.8% riding the Medium 63 and also qualifying for the championships. Julie Cork and Stanley Grange Masterpiece were third with an impressive 66.7% in the Elementary 42 qualifying for the Elementary championships.